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Established as a world-class music creator, she sets herself apart with her rather "un-Japanese” sense of bass programming. Production, songwriting, track-making, arrangement, and other elements of music production all the way to concept planning and creation, artist production, promotion, project planning, and visual creation. She has all bases covered when it comes to the multifaceted realm of music production.

Across genres left and right, obliterating boundaries as she deliberately re-crafts all the sounds she intakes into her own unique full-fledged crossover. Additionally, she released 3 albums as a producer team “DFT”. MIMI writes and produces original tracks, continuing to broaden her scope of creative works.

To start her new career as “Mimi Del Ray” from August 2021. With her omnivorous appetite for sounds, MIMI devours every music genre out there, fueling her inevitable rise as a beatmaker and DJ in the music scene from here on out and delivering to audiences the sound of her “Underground Orientation” policy.

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