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  • How often do we launch NFT Series?
    We're aiming for quarterly NFT drops starting in Spring, 2022 on our website. You can access our NFT's via link through our website or visit directly. Stay tuned!
  • How can I participate in Pixel Skull™ and become part of the community?
    To join our Pixel Skull™ Art Community, please share a bit about yourself, your work and link through our contact page. We'll review your email and get back to you asap. Thank you :)
  • When do you drop your limited clothing items?
    We aim to drop our collection together with our NFTs. Also subscribe to our social media channels for updates on "Special Drops". We're aiming to provide always fresh, outstanding design, that will turn heads ;)
  • How many NFTs do you drop in one Series?
    This depends on the participating artists. In our first collection we're aiming for around 500 NFT artworks. In tthe future we'll focus more on smaller collections, with specific topics, working with specific artists. Stay tuned and sign up for our social media accounts, to stay up to day! Thanks :)
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