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Our Pixel Skull Art Collective's mission is to connect people and help artists & creators to learn more about the world of NFT & Web3. We like to explore, learn, discover, and test new ideas. Pixel Skull is a small crew, with the idea of growing and connecting the creative world. Building friendships and creating memories together.


Stage 1

Building a global Pixel Skull Community

In stage 1, we invite creators from around to globe to work together on a thematic exhibition, launched as a collection of 444 NFTs, and building the first brick of our community. Through the collective, we can reach more people, art enthusiasts, and collectors, to interact with our platform and art exhibitions.

Stage 2

Pixel Skull Exhibition Spaces

In stage 2, we're building a digital museum to host our first virtual art exhibition, supporting young, and upcoming artists in the Metaverse. By doing so, we enable global audiences access to local talents and vis versa. All art will be available as NFTs under our NFT Collectors Club umbrella. Once you own one of our NFTs, you're automatically part of the collector's crew.


Stage 3

Pixel Skull Marketplace

In Stage 3, we establish our own NFT marketplace, the Pixel Skull Art market — helping artists to promote and sell their work to a global audience of art enthusiasts and collectors.

Stage 4

Pixel Skull Art City

In Stage 4, we build our Pixel Skull Art City, a virtual city combining all forms of art, from architecture to sculpturing, painting, writing, poetry, and music. Each creator will have a space in the city, designed to inspire their global audience and show their latest creations. We want to connect artists, galleries, and collectors on a global scale.

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