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Pixel Skull Exhibition and Talk in Frankfurt, Germany

On July 15th and 16th the Pixel Skull Art Collective will take over Egenolff30 gallery in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. We are very excited to show physical and digital art works from our 52 international artists. In addition to that we are thrilled to host two exciting talks with digital art experts on Saturday.

Exhibition opening: Friday, July 15th, 19.00 - 22.00

Opening times on Saturday, July 16th, 13.00 - 22.00

Egenolff 30, Egenolffstraße 30, 60316 Frankfurt

Talks on Saturday

15.00 – 15:20

“The meaning of community building for the digital art market"

Andre Kempe (Twitter @kempius), 41, has already (co-)founded several companies, also related to NFT art, and is a marketing expert. He had his first experience with blockchain technology when Bitcoin was worth $3. In 2022 he already started several NFT collections, of which Alphaskullz (the name happens to be similar to that of the Pixel Skull Art Collective) was completely sold out through performance marketing. He likes both - digital and physical art - instead of a favorite artist, he prefers something new. We look forward to video call interviewing him from Marbella, Spain.

17.30 Uhr – 18 Uhr

"Digital Art and Art NFTs - Why they will remain and what artists and collectors should know."


Justus 'Cor' Becker (Instagram @corone_artist), 44, is a Frankfurt based street artist known for his murals in the Rhein-Main area and around the world. His unmistakable style: using spray cans and brushes to raise socially critical questions, pick up on moments from world events, and stimulate thought. He has been working on digital illustrations for many years and has also immersed himself in the world of NFTs for almost a year.

Vedran Jankovic works in the Frankfurt financial industry as a FinTech and Blockchain trend expert. He works hard and loves art and culture. In his opinion, blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform the art and other markets. We look forward to hearing his assessments and opinions in our panel discussion.

Thanh Dao, 40, is a trader, project expert and current technical advisor at Jung von Matt. He has been a fan of the digital art universe since selling Beeple's first art NFT. He has been gaining experience in the crypto world for several years and can explain what the advantages are for the artists, what still needs to be done and what the future of digital art could look like. We look forward to welcoming him to his hometown of Frankfurt.

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