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Smells like Teen Spirit

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hiroyuki ‘ HIROTTON ’ Uemura was born in Japan in 1986. A graduate of the Osaka University of Art, he moved to London for 4 years and has been working as a freelance designer for his own company,‘ PARADOX ’.

Image Credit: © Paradox Hirotton

Recently he created illustrations for Fashion, Print, Publishing, Skateboard brands, and the Music industry. He has also been doing screen printing. His personal artwork is influenced by punk, skate, and street culture. He is always inspired and excited by what’s happening around him and tries to capture that moment in his work, so others can understand and see life through his eyes.


Your art is heavily influenced by punk, skate, and street culture, all stuff that had it’s hay day in the 90ies. What do you love about the 90ies style?

さんの作品は90年代の代表と言えるカルチャー達 パンク、スケート そしてストリートカルチャーに影響されているように伺えます。さんは90sのカルチャーのどのような要素に魅了されているのですか?

Image Credit: © Paradox Hirotton

Answer: I was in my teen during the 90's, and I can also say this was the period in my life that I was so sensitive in absorbing influences which was visible to me at the time. The story of the PUNK culture, the album jacket artworks from records and also bright graphical color use from the skaters. Looking back at my work I can say that all these elements has been digested within my self to create my own style to this age.


Image Credit: © Paradox Hirotton


Were do you find inspiration for your art, especially since punk and skate culture a not as alive as they used to be?



To be honest it really isn't that important what culture is currently main stream.

As I always and will be inspired by either new or the old in which what ever that I find inspiration in. So I always tend to touch these elements of what I like regardless of the creative trends in the world.


Image Credit: © Paradox Hirotton


You’re now part of the first Pixel Skull NFT Art show, what are your expectations in regard to the boom of digital art and NFTs?



I am in the midst of diving into this world of digital art, however I always want to be sensitive in the development of new technology and newness in the world.That is the reason I took part in tis PIXEL SKULL group NFT exhibition. I hope that I will be able to something new through the lens of this movement of Digital art.



Image Credit: © Paradox Hirotton

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