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Step-by-Step guide to minting with Pixel Skull

To mint one of the 444 artworks from our "Skulls" edition on our own minting site just follow this step-by-step guide. We can't wait to welcome you on board!

1. Connect your wallet on the TOP RIGHT.

2. Select your specific wallet by clicking on the icons (Metamask/Coinbase/etc.)

3. Once you've connected your wallet, your wallet address will appear in the TOP RIGHT corner.

4. Select the artwork you like to buy.

Click on the Minting Button to purchase the NFT artwork.

Make sure the Gwei is in the green (cheap transaction fee)

5. Verify your Transaction in your wallet app.

Purchase is complete. It may take a bit for the artwork to show up in your

Opensea account.

You are now ready to become a collector. We're happy to join our journey. Get your Pixel Skull NFT here!

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