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Welcome to Pixel Skull™

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

It's the year 2021, we're still in the midst of the pandemic. Pixel Skull™ was born out of the idea to create a place where the digital and physical world can connect — inspire each other. We have a passion for great stories and design, love to explore ideas and collaborate with creatives from around the globe.

Pixel Skull™ mission is to work with amazing artists and creators to design one of a kind NFT art collective, for everybody to participate, and start collecting art, and at the same time drop limited edition of clothing — to wear or collect as well. In support of the NFT art, we're building virtual art galleries / museum, where people can experience the art from around the world.

The Pixel Skull™ brand is a mix of vintage gaming nostalgia, years of working in digital design and brand building, and the urge of connecting to the zeitgeist of tomorrow.

The Pixel Skull logo mark itself is one of a kind. Iconic, minimal and highly recognizable. It is designed out of 16 squares, representing a skull in its most simple way possible, yet giving a strong first impression of a 21st century brand.

We're a small team based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Send us a hello when you have feedback or want to work with us. We're looking forward hearing from you. The Pixel Skull™ team!


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