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Embark on your most exciting cruise ever:
Begin your digital art collection with our first Pixel Skull Exhibition, and acquire 1 of our 444 NFTs created
by 52 artists. You'll get access to future exhibitions,
lifetime whitelisting, and special events


What is the NFT Collectors Club?

NFTs are bringing artists and art collectors closer together – all over the world.  We believe in the magic of connecting people who share a passion. The Pixel Skull Collectors Club will create a community of like-minded art enthusiasts.

As a collector/member you'll not only get access to special sales, we will provide you with a chance to peek behind the curtain: 1:1 time with our artists, coaching sessions with our experts, or exclusive meet & greet options whenever we will show art from our collection in physical galleries around the globe.

As a member, you'll get exclusive whitelist access to all our future NFT shows and we will offer you a discount on all the services that will emerge from our collective. The creation of virtual art spaces, the curation of an art collection, custom artwork design, and so on.

Whether you're a passionate collector, you're keen to meet the creative minds behind the art, or if you wanna embark on your own journey as an artist, curator, or entrepreneur - our Collectors Club is the right place to be.

Benefits of being part of the Pixel Skull Collectors Club

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