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NFT Reading List

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

NFTs, Web3 and crypto are having a momentum and are most likely to shape the future of the digital universe. The Pixel Skull Art Collective has set it's sails and is ready to embark into this wild sea. But we wanna be prepared for our journey. Part of our mission is to share knowledge, to prepare artists and creatives for this trip. It's fair to say that the topic is quiet controversial, so we're sharing a reading list here with some recent reporting, opinion pieces and podcast episodes.

Anil Dash is the CEO of Glitch, and back in 2014 he created somewhat of a prototype for the NFT technology. He says: "NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This. When we invented non-fungible tokens, we were trying to protect artists. But tech-world opportunism has struck again." Read the full article here.

In his New York Times podcast, Ezra Klein is having a conversation with Katie Haun about the chances and risks that NFTs have to offer, while also explaining a lot of the specific jargon around web3, crypo and more. Haun is a general partner at the venture firm A16Z, also known as Andreessen-Horowitz. The company invested $23 million in OpenSea. You can listen to the episode here.

The Economist has two interesting podcast episodes to offer: One explaining the hype and potential of web3 and one about the media outlet's own experience with creating and selling an NFT.

Tressie McMillan Cottom is an opinion writer for the New York Times. Her piece "The Strange Allure of the Blockchain" is just one out of a series of articles where she's exploring the world of NFTs, crypto and web3 with a special focus on people of color.

Crypto NFTs and politics? Yes, some mayors are embracing the new technology, trying to figure out how they can change local politics. "The Rise of the crypto mayors" is a stunning report by David Yaffe-Bellany for the New York Times.

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