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Down the NFT Rabbit Hole - Pixel Skull Podcast Episode 3

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When artist and photographer Die Goldene Inge first got in touch with NFTs, he fell down a rabbit hole, from where he updated his artistic persona and relocated to the interplanetary space. Meanwhile, the creative director Denis Kakazu, who is currently based in Hamburg, learned that NFTs and the Metaverse increasingly become a relevant topic for bigger brands and companies. Our conversation explores the potential of NFTs for independent artists and international brands.

Die Goldene Inge and Denis Kakazu are both part of the Pixel Skull NFT artist collective that will launch an exhibition in the Metaverse in April. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter to stay up to date.

You can find this episode on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Our theme music was created by FletchFox.

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