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The Playful Art of Shotaro Shimada

Updated: May 17, 2022

Shotaro Shimada is an illustrator based in Tokyo where he was born in 1989. He is a graduate of Tama Art University, Graphic Design course. Shotaro creates illustrations, graphic designs, and videos.

Question: Your art is so very playful in the best sense and it makes people smile right away… Is this something you purposely try to achieve with your work? Making people happy?


Answer: What I usually keep in mind when I create my artwork: First of all I want to feel healed and happy whilst im working. I think it's just wonderful if who ever sees my artwork to smiles - either if that person might have a similar taste to me or not.


Question: Tell us a bit about your creative process, how do you paint and illustrate, what of the process is digital and what is analog?


Answer: I don't have a set workflow when it comes to creating artwork, depending on the output and how im feeling on that day will affect the way I work. I don't just draw - I sometimes use clay and embroidery techniques which are crafty and I love the feeling of actually using my own hands to create art work. I do love to work with an analogue approach so that I can actually leave something physical in this world. For this art piece I used pen and paper for the linear part, and colored in digitally.



Question: And now you’re part of the NFT collective… how does this make you feel?


Answer: Im very grateful that Pixel Skull reached out to me to join this group NFT exhibition. I have a feeling without being incited I would have never created any NFT artwork. I love the feeling of going with the flow when you can't see the actual future, and this experience is close to this and I'm very excited !

今回声をかけていただかなければ、NFTに作品を出すことはなかったかも知れないので、 とても感謝しています。未来がどうなるかわからないことに身をゆだねるのは嫌いではないので、ワクワクしています。

Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the upcoming exhibition, and learn even more about Shotaro and his NFT artworks here! :)

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